Little Miracle Baby Cruz

Cruz Rhett Bray

Born 4.13.16 at 10:04 PM

His Story.


At 20 weeks the doctors noticed that Baby Cruz had fluid on his heart and was sent a perinatologist. At 26 weeks, the Bray family was sent to a cardiac specialist where Baby Cruz was suspected to have a heart defect. At 32 weeks, Baby Cruz was suspected to have coarctation of the aorta and would have to have surgery immediately after birth.

The day of delivery he had an echo test immediately after birth where it was confirmed that he had the coarctation of the aorta and they began prostaglandin to keep his heart valve open. We were told he would be transferred the next day to Children's at Egleston Pediatric Hospital  where he would have surgery. The next day when we arrived to Egleston, the doctor did another echo on him. This time things were different. The echo was showing that the coarctation had somehow went away and was NO LONGER SHOWING UP on the scan.  Baby Cruz and his parents stayed at Egleston for 6 days and while the doctors ran multiple scans and did blood work multiple times. Six days later, Baby Cruz  and his parent were released to go home!


From Cruz's Mommy: My favorite thing about being a mom so far is feeling the love he has for me by either his little hand holding my shirt or hair while he's eating, me looking down and he's just staring at me or while he's crying and I start singing and he stops.

From Cruz's Daddy: My favorite thing about being a Dad is watching him change and grow everyday. (Mom's note about Daddy: He loves when Cruz gives him a side smile and the fact that people say how much they look alike.)