Kady & Jake's Wedding at In the Woods in Rockmart, Georgia

We love when the weather calls for rain all day and then it ends up being a beautiful summer day. Kady and Jake are two of the most genuinley kind people. We are so happy they got their perfectly sunny wedding day!

Kady and Jake spent the whole day at In the Woods. The girls got ready in the adorable bridal cabin and the guys had the pool house. We love weddings there. It is plenty of space to house the whole bridal party and family without the risk of the bride and groom running into each other.

As a parent, it makes my heart happy to see supportive family on both sides. These two had great parents. Kady’s first look with her Dad was one of the sweetest moments!

Enjoy a few photos from their wedding day!

Photography: Kristin Faye Photography

Video: Nicholas Nolan

Hair & Make-up: Stella Blue

Venue: In The Woods

Catering: Flavorful Events

Live Painter: Caroline Stroud Art

Floral: In The Woods

A Saturday in Cartersville | Farmers Market

As wedding photographers, often, Saturday’s are long work days for us. The Saturdays that we are not photographing weddings, we try to make the most out of the day. This year, the Cartersville Farmers Market has become a favorite of ours. After a coffee run, we take our four year old to see what all is going on.

We have always love the idea of buying local. It’s even better to learn that some of the farms are within minutes from our house. We’ve got to met new vendors, hear local music, and enjoy the vibe our small town on a summer Saturday morning.

Engagement Session in Acworth, Georgia by Kristin Faye Photography

Summer & Wesley

When Justin and I met Summer and Wesley at their house, they greeted us with such hospitality. We of course talked about their wedding day and we shared all that we do, but we may have talked more about her chickens and building a house. That meeting was more like hanging out with a friend. A few weeks after our meeting, the weather allowed for us to do their engagement shoot. It couldn’t have been sweeter and it did end up raining on us at the end leaving us with super cute umbrella photos :)

Patcraft Flooring | Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy

I have the privilege of taking photos for a great company called Patcraft. I am considered an outsider in the flooring world, and I think that’s an advantage. When I go into companies to take photos of the Patcraft flooring that is installed, it ends up being more than just details of the floor and photos. While at a photoshoot, I get to learn about these companies, their story, and their “why”. I often leave feeling inspired and encouraged to continue following my passion, photography.

A few weeks ago I visited a company in Allen, Texas called Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy. I was kindly welcomed by the staff and then toured the facility. Kate and Joe Lundgren are the proud owners of Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy. They are an occupational, speech, and physical therapy clinic that specializes in children with special needs, spectrum-related disorders, and sensory integration dysfunction.

I could tell that this company was different. It was clear that this was Kate and Joe’s passion. Over lunch, I chatted with both to learn more about why they are doing what they do. Because of their personal experience with their own children, their hearts are committed to helping other children.

Both of their boys were diagnosed with Autism. Kate was an occupational therapist at the time of their diagnosis. After the diagnosis, Kate and Joe knew their paths needed to follow their head and hearts- into the field of Autism, so they could understand what that diagnosis meant and would mean for the future of their family. At the time, options for treatment were limited. So from there, Kate developed an all inclusive plan for her boys.

Walking through their facility, I kept stating how their place was a haven of a place that would be fun for anyone to visit. Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy is more than just a place for therapy, it’s a place their clients can look forward to visiting, a place where their clients can grow, and a place that would make any client feel loved.

“We chose Patcraft because of the range of design options in their carpet tile. We loved to see all of the different ways to arrange the Color Pop tiles on their website. It made designing our space a lot of fun to plan.”

-Joe Lundgren

Patcraft Flooring:

Skill Carpet Tile

Color Pop Carpet Tile

Adesa Resilient

A Dreamy Open-Field Wedding with a Mountain View

Ainsley & Jacob, and their family, beautifully executed a dreamy open-field wedding. They had the location just off a gravel road in the middle of tall wheat colored grass with a humble mountain in the background. This was a dreamy setting for an Georgia October wedding. It was classy and inviting. They had church pews, window arches, and the most perfect white puffy clouds in the sky. If you can’t tell already, this wedding made my heart happy!

Victoria & Cole's Southern Wedding at Sandy Creek Barn

For several months the groom's mother and I had been preparing for Victoria + Cole's wedding on July 16th at the elegant Ritz Carlton Sandy Creek Barn located on Lake Oconee, Georgia. This lovely historic barn housed their wedding and guests with a true southern elegance. Beyond the details and gorgeous decor, their wedding day was so special because friends and family came from all over the United States to celebrate this couple, & I could definitely feel the love in the air! What a privilege to capture such beautiful moments!

Wedding Venue: Sandy Creek Barn

Planning + Coordinating:  Susan Dial 

Day of Coordinator: Suzanne Rankine

Photographer: Kristin Faye Photography

Florals: Designs by Kent

Catering: The Ritz Carlton

Cake: The Ritz Carlton

DJ: Lethal Rhythms Entertainment

Hair & Make-up: Scoobie West & Co. 

Invitations: Lindsey Whitten

Landon + Ansley's 5 Year Vow Renewal

These high school sweethearts got married July 2, 2011. Landon + Ansley decided to do a small ceremony at that time because he was in the Army and his brother was deployed at the time they got married. Exactly five years later, Landon + Ansley had their vow renewal in Adairsville, Georgia. 

One of the things Landon + Ansley were looking forward to the most about their vow renewal was having all of their friends and family there to celebrate with them. One thing that stood out as a favorite part of their renewal day was that even though they still have a big ceremony, both Landon and Ansley were totally relaxed and were able to enjoy the entire day! 


Georgia Destination Wedding at Barnsley Resort

Brooke + Chris | Barnsley Resort in Adairsville, Georgia by Kristin Faye Photography

How Brooke + Chris met: 

After meeting on Match.com, we started talking for a couple weeks over text. When we decided to meet for dinner and a movie, he was left thinking I didn't like him because I was really quiet. After the date, I sent him a text to say thanks for the date and he says he was shocked. He thought he would never hear from me again. He called the next day to ask me on a second date. My answer was "of course!".

Why Brooke + Chris choose Barnsley Resort:

I saw Barnsley on Pinterest and just thought it was beautiful. Chris and I had decided we wanted a "destination" wedding, but somewhere that would be really easy on our families to travel to. Once we visited Barnsley, we fell in love with it. It was the best decision. They were so great and easy to work with. They made my wedding weekend perfect.

Brooke's Favorite thing about Chris:

My favorite thing about Chris is his sense of humor. He can make me laugh harder than anyone on earth. Even when things are stressful, he can always lighten the mood and keep me smiling.

Chris's favorite thing about Brooke: 

Her smile. (Haha, so I guess that's why he is always making me laugh-Brooke's side note!)

Their favorite thing about their wedding day: 

We loved absolutely everything about our wedding day! Brooke: My favorite thing would probably be walking down the aisle. My niece did such an awesome job as flower girl and seeing Chris standing there smiling at me was such a beautiful moment. It was the perfect day.

Photography- Kristin Faye Photography -Kristin & Justin Dial 

Venue- Barnsley Resort & Gardens http://www.barnsleyresort.com/ 

Flowers- Edge Design http://edgedesignatlanta.com/

Makeup- Brushworx http://www.brushworx.net/

Cake- Honeymoon Bakery http://honeymoonbakery.com/

Rings and Bridal Jewelry- Levys Fine Jewelry

Music- Celebration String Quartet http://www.celebrationstringquartet.com/Celebration_String_Quartet/About_Us.html


Little Miracle Baby Cruz

Cruz Rhett Bray

Born 4.13.16 at 10:04 PM

His Story.


At 20 weeks the doctors noticed that Baby Cruz had fluid on his heart and was sent a perinatologist. At 26 weeks, the Bray family was sent to a cardiac specialist where Baby Cruz was suspected to have a heart defect. At 32 weeks, Baby Cruz was suspected to have coarctation of the aorta and would have to have surgery immediately after birth.

The day of delivery he had an echo test immediately after birth where it was confirmed that he had the coarctation of the aorta and they began prostaglandin to keep his heart valve open. We were told he would be transferred the next day to Children's at Egleston Pediatric Hospital  where he would have surgery. The next day when we arrived to Egleston, the doctor did another echo on him. This time things were different. The echo was showing that the coarctation had somehow went away and was NO LONGER SHOWING UP on the scan.  Baby Cruz and his parents stayed at Egleston for 6 days and while the doctors ran multiple scans and did blood work multiple times. Six days later, Baby Cruz  and his parent were released to go home!


From Cruz's Mommy: My favorite thing about being a mom so far is feeling the love he has for me by either his little hand holding my shirt or hair while he's eating, me looking down and he's just staring at me or while he's crying and I start singing and he stops.

From Cruz's Daddy: My favorite thing about being a Dad is watching him change and grow everyday. (Mom's note about Daddy: He loves when Cruz gives him a side smile and the fact that people say how much they look alike.)