Engagement Session in Atlanta at Piedmont Park

Last week, Justin and I met up with Barrette and Chase at Piedmont Park for their engagement session. We had to walk across the field to meet them at one of the Red Flags. Funny story about that… So, Justin and I are have could either walk along the sidewalk which would have taken forever or we could walk through the middle of the wide open field. If you are from Georgia, you know how much it rained last week. A LOT. Of course we decided to walk through the middle of the field. Everything was great until we got to the middle and realized that it was thick mud and we were slipping  and trying to get through without messing up too much of the grass. We eventually make it through. Once we get to the other side, we see a sign explaining what the red flag meant.. "Don't go on the field." Know we know ;) 

We are really excited about having the opportunity to do Barrette and Chase's engagement and wedding pictures! It is clear that there is a lot of love and laughter in their relationship. <3