Kroger Chef Junior Cooking Class

Before Christmas, we took Anders to his first Kroger Chef Junior kid's cooking class. They host fun cooking classes once a month on a Saturday mornings. A Kroger Chef guides the kids as they learn to create a new tasty food item each month. Kroger provided the brownie, cookie cutters, apron, and decorating ingredients for each child. Anders is ready for another one!

Painting with Mud

A concrete truck got stuck in the mud on our land the other day and it rained the next day. The big muddy mess ended up being a lot of fun for our little guy, Anders and his friend, Cam. Our plan was to paint with the mud. The boys only painted about 10% of the time and played in the mud the remainder, haha. Once they had all of they could take, we headed to the creek and washed off the dirt!